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I. Arrivals

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities conducts full-time First (Baccalaurate) and Second (Master of Science) degree studies on Polish Philology, Cultural Studies and Philology, with specialization in Classical Philology and Italian Philology as well as Museology.



The basic studies programme encompasses knowledge on history and literature theory as well as knowledge on Polish language. Many elective courses such as theatre, film, modern literature, editorial, language communication are offered. Students can also attend different specialisations' classes and their completion is shown on the diploma:

  • editorial
  • language communication: media, advertisement, PR
  • teaching
  • theater studies
  • film studies
  • museology
  • glottodidactic (Second degree studies)


The basic studies programme encompasses knowledge on broadly defined art history and culture theory – mainly 20th century and modern but also based on most important phenomena connected to major Europan and worldwide cultural traditions. The lectures also cover social issues that are basic when it comes to theoretical cultural reflection as well as economical and juridical rules that are underlying modern cultural institutions' organisation and their management; as well as modern museology and collecting. Cultural Studies specializations:

  • film studies
  • theatre studies
  • museology
  • media in culture
  • cultural management
  • identity and intercultural relations


Faculty of Philology Classical Philology major's basic studies programme encompasses Latin and Greek languages from the beginning as well classes devoted to ancient culture – mainly literature, mythology, ancient philosophy and history. Students get acquired with ancient literature masterpieces – such as Homer, Plato, Cicero and Virgil – and discover modern European culture roots in Greek and Roman Antique. Second degree students attend additional classes on Italian language.


The Faculty of Humanities of the UKSW opened the new bachelor's degree brand of study in philology, speciality: Italian studies. Courses of this speciality the upcoming academic year of 2016/2017, free of charge.

The basic studies programme encompasses learning Italian language from the beginning up to C1 level and another modern language to B2 level as well as classes devoted to culture; especially literature and art, geography and history of the Apenine Peninsula. Students get acquired with Italian literature masterpieces from its beginning to the present day and learn each and every region cultural specifics as well as selected issues from Italian cinema, media, music and cuisine.


The Faculty of Humanities of the UKSW opened the brand new bachelor's degree course in Museum Studies in the upcoming academic year of 2016/2017, free of charge. The Museum Studies programme covers questions such as: history of museum studies and notable collections, methodology of history, art history, archaeology, ethnology, sociology, natural and formal sciences. Throughout the course students gain practical skills - museum internships at the most reputable institutions get them acquainted with organising and curating exhibitions, working on the field of museum education and preparing papers and publications. Moreover, the course introduces students to the matters of copyright, ethics, and the principles of heritage cataloguing, protection, and conservation.


More about Museum Studies to be found on the website: http://wnh.uksw.edu.pl/node/1115

1. List of Faculty of Humanities courses in English for the Academic Year 2016/2017

2. List of Erasmus courses planned for 2017/2018

Department of Classical Philology and Cultural Studies:

  1. Aeschylean tragedy (15 h), I sem. – prof. J. Komorowska,
  2. From Europe to the USA - An Interpretative Thinking About Culture (15 h), I sem. – dr Złocka-Dąbrowska
  3. Use of marketing strategies in the Polish cultural institutions (30 h), I sem. - mgr Kama Pawlicka
  4. Scandinavian design (30 h), II sem. dr Anna Wiśnicka
  5. How to learn Grammar (15 h), II sem. - dr Olga Broniś
  6. World of Medieval Universities (15 h), II sem. - dr Anna Zajchowska
  7. Italian Opera (15h) II sem., prof. Federico Della Corte
  8. Interkulturalitaet und Philosophie (30 h) I sem. , prof. UKSW dr hab. Anna Czajka-Cunico
I semestr:
L'Italia del Novecento, konw., 30h, dr Onofrio Bellifemine, 2 ECTS
Letteratura italiana del Novecento, 30h, dr Małgorzata Ślarzyńska, 3 ECTS
Novecento (Analisi dei testi letterari del Novecento), 30h, dr Raoul Bruni, 3 ECTS
Metodologia dell'insegnamento della lingua italiana II, 30h, mgr Serafina Santoliquido, 3 ECTS
Storia dello sport in Italia, 30h, dr Onofrio Bellifemine, 
II semestr:
Ottocento (Analisi dei testi letterari dell'Ottocento), prof. Federico Della Corte, 2 ECTS
Letteratura italiana nuovissima, 15h, dr Raoul Bruni, 2 ECTS
Metodologia dell'insegnamento della lingua italiana III, 30h, mgr Serafina Santoliquido, 2 ECTS
Poesie per musica: le canzoni di Fortini, Pasolini, Roversi, 30h, dr Leonardo Masi, 3 ECTS
Lettura dei "Promessi sposi" di Alessandro Manzoni, 30h, prof. Federico Della Corte, 3 ECTS


Department of Polish Philology:

  1. History of Polish culture: Sarmatism-Ideology and State Interest of Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian Commonwealth (15 h), I sem. – prof. K. Koehler
  2. Sacred Biographies. Exploring the concept of sanctity in artistic and literary dimensions (15h), I sem. – dr M. Burta
  3. Theory of Translation (15h), II sem. - prof. A. Szczepan-Wojnarska
  4. Culture of Polish Jews part I (to 1918) (15h), I sem. – prof. A. Szczepan-Wojnarska
  5. Culture of Polish Jews part II (since 1918) (15 h) I sem. – prof. A. Szczepan-Wojnarska
  6. Prose of Joseph Conrad (15h) II sem.– prof. A. Szczepan-Wojnarska


3. Contact:

  • Faculty Erasmus+ programme coordinator: dr Anna Zajchowska, a.zajchowska@uksw.edu.pl on-call time: Wednesday 11:30-12:30, room 112, new building
  • UKSW Department of International Cooperation, section for incoming students, academic staff, administrative workers: Mariola Sadowska, Phone +48 22 561 89 57 ( internal 357), m.sadowska@uksw.edu.pl

5. Links:

- DWM: http://www.dwm.uksw.edu.pl/en/

- katalog ECTS po angielsku: https://ects.uksw.edu.pl/en/courses/

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